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      We are PKF

      PKF UK and Ireland helps ambitious businesses to optimise their performance, minimise risks and achieve their objectives.

      We specialise in advising owner-managed businesses, listed companies, and UK subsidiaries of international groups across the UK and Ireland. Our long experience and deep, sector-focused expertise enables us to work closely with our clients to address the challenges they face, suggest and implement new strategies, and help them make the most of any opportunities.?

      Support where you need it

      From London to Truro, Dublin to Jersey, our teams support clients from our offices across the UK and Ireland.

      A global reach

      We are an active member of PKF International, a global network of legally independent accounting firms that gives us an on the ground presence in 150 countries around the world.

      48 Locations
      50 Locations
      210 Locations
      North America
      90 Locations
      South America
      36 Locations